1. Data and Results-Driven Policy. Research life outcomes of kids raised in care. Create strict evidence-based standards for prospective policies and programs. Measure policy and program impact to ensure value-for-dollar. 
  2. Privacy Protection. Implement a rights-based framework for those raised in foster care. Amend legislation to: define an appropriate access period to files, seal files after access period, archive data in separate database, and allow third party access to archived files through the courts.
  3. Mental Health Strategy. Ensure all practitioners are trained in trauma-informed service. Amend related post-secondary curricula accordingly. Address need effectively.
  4. Post-Secondary Achievement. Aim to increase post-secondary enrollment through evidence-based policies and open access to post-secondary to those excluded by restrictive criteria for support.
The Child Welfare Political Action Committee Canada (Child Welfare PAC) is a federally incorporated not-for-profit that advocates for a progressive child welfare system. Research has shown that youth leaving the child protection system at the age of majority have worsened life outcomes than their peers. The system continues to struggle to ensure youth succeed after care. The key to breaking the cycle is evidence-based policy-making aimed at improving youth life outcomes.
A child welfare system that ensures every youth has a bright future.
The Child Welfare PAC seeks to build a progressive child welfare system by providing real-life expertise, high-quality research, and effective advocacy so that all youth can realise their success.

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Child Welfare PAC Canada

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