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The Potential for Bright Futures for Former Youth in Care in Saskatchewan: A Policy Proposal, Renata Ruffell, MA Student -2020

Research indicates that education may be a protective factor for at-risk youth, as it can help improve their circumstances and propel them to a brighter future. This proposal explores policies to enhance PSE success for those raised in care in the Saskatchewan context.

Foster Care Economics, Hale Doguoglu, MA Student - 2018

This paper seeks to provide a comprehensive account of the costs of the current system to the Canadian government. The numbers show a troubling lack of reliable data and poor prospects for youth who age out of the system without being adopted. 

Can Mentors Reduce Loneliness Experienced By Foster Children, Dana Mills, MSc Student - 2018

This research considers the deep cost of loneliness on society for a vulnerable sub-group, youth in care, and explores whether mentorship programming may mitigate the effects of loneliness. 

Moving Home: The Art and Embodiment of Transience Among Youth Emerging from Canada's Child Welfare System, Amelia Merhar, MA Student - 2017

Ample research in social sciences disciplines outside of Geography have illustrated the significant likelihood of poorer life outcomes for former youth in care across a variety of indicators. Combining geographies of mobilities, children's geographies, and emotional geographies, this research seeks to understand the embodied experiences of former youth in care as they relate the transience experienced in care in the past and lived on in the present.


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