Our Goals:

Post-Secondary Pathways.
Aim to increase post-secondary enrollment through evidence-based policies and open access to post-secondary to those excluded by restrictive criteria for support.
Privacy Rights.
Implement a rights-based framework for those raised in foster care. Amend legislation to: define an appropriate access period to files, seal files after access period, archive data in separate database, and allow third party access to archived files through the courts.
Mental Health and Wellness.
Ensure all practitioners are trained in trauma-informed service. Amend related post-secondary curricula accordingly. Address need effectively. Have a strategy.
Evidence-based Policy Making.
Research life outcomes of kids raised in care. Create strict evidence-based standards for prospective policies and programs. Measure policy and program impact to ensure value-for-dollar. 

Study Tuition Free

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Child Welfare PAC Canada is working with any post-secondary partners in Canada who wish to increase social mobility for current and former foster kids.


Finances are a significant, but not only, barrier to post-secondary studies faced by people raised in care. Inspired by British Columbia, Child Welfare PAC has created an additional 150+ tuition free opportunities in 12 schools in 4 provinces. Our end goal is similar opportunities at all post-secondary schools coast-to-coast. Download interactive pdf for sharing here.

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CTV’s Your Morning with Ben Mulroney

CTV’s Your Morning with Ben Mulroney

Youth in Care Tuition Waiver, Vancouver

Youth in Care Tuition Waiver, Vancouver

A Future for Foster Kids

A Future for Foster Kids


Make History

protect our futures by protection our pasts

Child Welfare PAC Canada is developed landmark privacy legislation.


Did you know foster children have less privacy rights than juvenile offenders? Ontario's Bill 237, Fostering Privacy Fairness Act, 2020 restores equality of privacy to former foster children by sealing childhood files after aging-out, protecting our identities in adult life, and only permitting third party access to sealed files through the courts.

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Mental Health and Wellness

legislate trauma-informed service

Smart policy is having a comprehensive mental health strategy for youth in care.


Did you know that according to various U.S. studies, the rates of post-trauma stress can be double that of war veterans for youth who have aged-out of foster care? This special group deserves a comprehensive mental health strategy with priority access to healthcare to improve life outcomes after care.

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Evidence-based Policy Making

legislate data and results-driven policy

If you do not measure what happens to kids after foster care, how do you know if your earlier interventions worked?

It is no secret that kids struggle after foster care. Knowing that is not enough. Every government must take responsibility for the children it is parenting by measuring life outcomes after care. Without baseline data unique to every jurisdiction, you will never know if you have succeeded in caring for these kids. This is a question of accountability, ethics, and responsible governance. When the most vulnerable people in society are not set up to succeed, everyone bears the costs.

More on our work is coming soon!

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MPP Bailey introduces Bill 237

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