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Canadian Press     Mar 28, 2020

Ontario allows youth to remain in care after passing cut-off age during pandemic - in National Post, CBC, Globe, Lethbridge News Now.

Huffington Post   Mar 27, 2020

Even in the best of times, aging out of care is incredibly fraught.


Barrie Mar 5, 2020

Georgian College first Ontario college to offer free tuition to learners in/from foster care, with no age restriction.

CBC Feb 09, 2020

Brescia, King's, Huron university colleges to offer free tuition to former Crown wards.

The Agenda  TVO Feb 03, 2020

Steve Paikin speaks with a group of educators and former foster kids about social mobility: post-secondary education.

Maclean's Nov 12, 2019

Kids who grow up in the system are not expected to do well. That’s a big part of why they don’t.

The Star Jan 22, 2020 - Government needs to get it right when raising kids in care

Too often we debate about more funding, more programs, more prevention, but the truth is that only more data will reveal the best practices.

Context Beyond the Headlines with Lorna Dueck  Jan 8, 2020 - Foster care in crisis

Foster care in crisis segment. Aired in Canada on YesTVCanada & CTV.

CBC  Jan 4, 2020 - Life after foster care: A former foster kid's mission to make sure it includes college or university

While the saying 'life is full of uncertainty' applies to everyone, Jane Kovarikova says it especially rings true for former foster kids like her.

CTV  Aug 19, 2019 - Laurentian waiving tuition for child welfare students

Globe and Mail  Aug 18, 2019 - Laurentian University to waive tuition for students who grew up in child welfare system

Laurentian University is offering to waive tuition for students who have been in the child welfare system, regardless of their age, the latest addition to a movement that aims to provide more educational opportunities to former kids in care.

CBC  Aug 14, 2019 - Laurentian University's tuition exemption program aims to help foster kids earn their degree

Laurentian University's tuition exemption program aims to help foster kids earn their degree.

Globe and Mail  Apr 9, 2019 - As a Crown Ward apparently I have no right to my own story

Though my childhood had been reduced to five pages, I saw much more than what was written.

United Way: Local Love  Mar 14, 2019 - Unsung hero: Child welfare advocate Jane Kovarikova

How a former foster child has dedicated her life to improving outcomes for youth.

The Sun  Feb 18, 2019 - More needed to help foster kids who age out of care

Adrian was in foster care so at 18 he would no longer be a ward of province and would be left to fend for himself as an adult.

Sudbury Star Aug 13, 2019 - Laurentian offers free tuition program for Crown Wards

These students, many of whom are Indigenous, face unique challenges in accessing post-secondary education,” Serge Demers, LU’s interim vice-president, academic and provost, said in a release.

Alliston Herald Dec 15, 2018 - Nottawasaga Foundation supporting child welfare action committee

The foundation has donated $5,000 to support better futures for kids raised in foster care.

CBC Docs POV Nov 9,  2018 - Four ways a Crown Ward would change Canada's child welfare system

The people who can change the structure are the politicians. The problem is how the system is structured. It’s not set up for anyone in the long-run...

The Toronto Star Oct 3, 2018 - Education is the key to success for youth in foster care

Education is one of the most important stepping stones to employment. But for youth in foster care, it has the added benefit of protecting against early parenthood for young women and conflict with the law for young men.

The Toronto Star Jul 7, 2018 - Protect the privacy rights of foster children 

Child welfare files remain searchable and accessible for life without any way to check unauthorized access to them. 

CAMH 2018 - From CAMH to the community: Charlyn's story

Child Welfare PAC member, Christine Bradley, celebrates her sister's transition from the hospital to the community after an arduous struggle with significant challenges growing up in care and afterwards.

The Globe and Mail Dec 29, 2017 - For foster kids to succeed, they need more than just care

Our system has stagnated in the "activity trap" by focusing on activities and outputs rather than outcomes or impact measurement on youth who have gone through the protection system.

The Western Gazette Oct 30, 2017 - Jane Kovarikova: from foster kid to PhD candidate and child welfare trailblazer

Kovarikova is an advocate for increased research on the lives of children in Canada's foster care system.

The Toronto Star Oct 23, 2017 - $21M pledged to support students in care

Ontario will fund busing for students in foster care and group homes so they don't have to switch schools if they move.

The Toronto Star Jun 27, 2017 - Toronto centre helps foster kids with tough transition out of care

The Pape Adolescent Resource Centre (PARC) is the only hub in the city for youth transitioning out of care. But PARC also faces growing pains.

Toronto Rotary Jun 07, 2017 - Jane Kovarikova, Department of Political Science Western University

Barrie Today May 13, 2017 - There are 524 kids in this community we need to talk about

Is the child welfare system succeeding? Look at the statistics and the answer is pretty clear.

Western News May 10, 2017 - Data can aid ‘broken’ child-protection system

Social Policy in Ontario May 03, 2017 - Track kids who have aged out of the children’s aid system

The Toronto Star May 01, 2017 - Track kids who have aged out of the children’s aid system

Right now the province can’t know if the children’s aid system is working because it doesn’t follow what happens to the kids when they become adults.

AM640 Apr 25, 2017

Jane Kovarikova, PhD student at Western University, authored  a special report that shows youth leaving foster care are not succeeding in life.

The Toronto Star Apr 25, 2017 - Ontario urged to track foster kids after they leave care

New report urges Ontario to study youth over time after they leave the care of children’s aid, to track problems they face and suggest ways to improve the system.

Metro News Apr 24, 2017 - Ontario foster care plan failing youth exiting system

Report shows there is a need to follow up with youth after they age out of the system. 

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Press Releases


November 16, 2020

The Child Welfare Political Action Committee (Child Welfare PAC) is proud to announce the Mount Saint Vincent University is the first University in Atlantic Canada to launch a tuition waiver program specifically for former youth in care. The MSVU Post-Care Tuition Waiver Program will cover 100% of participating students’ tuition and compulsory fees. 

October 27, 2020

The Child Welfare Political Action Committee (Child Welfare PAC) is pleased to announce an additional four post-secondary institutions in London, Ontario have committed to financial support for up to 35 students who have “aged-out” of child protection system. These institutions include Western University, Huron, Brescia, and King’s.

July 23, 2020

The Child Welfare Political Action Committee Canada (Child Welfare PAC) is proud to announce that Loyalist College will waive tuition for those raised in the Ontario foster care system regardless of their age, with an investment of $80,000.

January 06, 2020

Foster kids just won some privacy rights in Ontario. On January 01, 2020, the privacy section of the Ontario Child, Youth and Family Services Act, Part X, officially went into effect. Foster children will now be able to have access to their child welfare files and have the requests respected.

November 26, 2019

The Child Welfare PAC urges provincial and territorial governments to solve the post-secondary crisis facing foster children

August 13, 2019

Laurentian to offer free tuition for former foster kids of any age in Ontario.

November 15, 2018

The Child Welfare PAC, a non-partisan and not-for-profit advocacy group of child welfare stakeholders and former youth-in-care, was surprised to learn of the Ontario government's bold decision to eliminate the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth.

October 3, 2018

The report comes as a timely response to the Ontario government’s third party line-by-line audit of spending. Jane Kovarikova, author of the report, PhD Candidate at Western University, and Founder of the Child Welfare PAC, responded to the auditor's recommendations. 

September 28, 2018

The deaths of children and youth in residential placements is deeply impacting and painful for us in the Child Welfare PAC. We too have lived experience in government care. Being raised institutionally is wrought with challenges especially when parts of the system do not communicate seamlessly. Every life has complexities beyond the capacity of one ministry alone, and when you become the legal party responsible for a child, you must be all things needed to ensure that child leaves your care thriving.

October 30, 2017

The Minister of Children and Youth Services, Honorable Michael Coteau, made an enthusiastic public commitment at Queen’s Park to work with the Child Welfare PAC to achieve goals in evidence-based policy making, improving outcomes, enhancing privacy rights, and mental health supports. He said, “You haven’t come to Queen’s Park for nothing. We will work together to look for ways to strengthen the child protection sector.” 

October 24, 2017

Foster care system failing Canadian children must be redesigned

April 24, 2017

Report finds dramatic outcomes for youth who age-out of care.



Dec 31, 2019 - Part X Privacy Rights Backgrounder


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