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Desiree Southern

Desiree Southern

University Student

Desiree Southern is an undergraduate at Brock University, pursuing her BA (Honours) in Political Science. She was formerly in the Ontario foster care system for two years from birth before being placed in the care of an extended family member. From a biological family of six children, she has also witnessed her siblings bounce in and out of the foster care system; despite them all being placed in different homes, she has managed to keep in touch and maintains good relationships with them.
After completing her degree, Desiree intends to pursue a career in law. She has realized that her direct lived experience, coupled with her knowledge of public policy obtained through post-secondary studies, would be beneficial in making a difference in the lives of other youth-in-care.

Desiree is also permit holder at the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. In between semesters, she works behind the scenes for productions in Toronto’s film and television industry.

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